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Decorating styles have evolved over the centuries in response to the changing tastes of generations based on lifestyle, values, economy and influences from other cultures. Every style has benefits to the people who will enjoy their home and often reflect and define who you are - creating the right look, mood, ambiance to enhance your living style. Sometimes though, you can (and should!) think outside of the box. You can be inspired by the places you’ve been, photos, and other people’s homes. Allow yourself to be creative and inventive. Many styles were born out of previous styles (even relating to the influences of art and fashion) and have evolved into a distinct type of decorating for a certain feel for today’s homeowner. Each of the designs style below incorporate a variety of colors, textures, moods that can fit any personality and taste.


Today's interiors are a blend of old and new. Modern meets traditional and adds some life to any space. Just by adding a new fabric or a bold paint color and re- finishing an antique with a lacquered paint is enough to make something Transitional.

Straight lines on arms of upholstery and furniture. Metal furniture and mixed metals used in furniture layouts. Abstract art and bold paint colors and fabrics used to show what is popular in today's world.

Interiors for the classic lifestyle, furniture choices that are timeless.
Use of antiques and fabric choices such as a damask or a paisley.
Neutral paint choices and round arms and curves for the furniture and upholstery. Art landscapes and realism used often.
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