In my travels I've come across many one-of-a-kind treasures from various antique and consignment shops. Each and every one of these items has a style of their own that can be mixed and matched to fit in with your own decor. You can even build a room around any one piece you fall in love with.

Check out some of these items below (and keep checking back as my shop will keep growing with new items as I come across them) and call me for pricing and more information about which you like.

  • White Lacquered Bench

  • Blue Lacquered Console Table

  • Mirror

  • Vintage Lamps

  • abstract painting

  • Abstract paintings

  • abstract painting

  • Chair

  • Filament light

  • Table lamp

  • Pink velour modern style chair

  • White table lamp

  • white antique table

  • Print on a rice paper

  • Water view oil paintings

  • sea calf

  • Green decor

  • Silver corals print couch

  • beautiful antique pins

  • Red velvet chair

  • Color vases


  • yellow table lamp

  • Deco Bar Cabinet

  • Wooden Cabinet

  • Green Chair

  • Wooden Table

  • MId-century chair

  • Red Writing desk French Heritage

  • Bumboo Shelf

  • Golden Lamp

  • Dark cherry wooden short table

  • chair Bordo

  • Purple stripes chair

  • Wall candle light

  • Pink fabric chair

  • Sphere candle lamp

  • Turtle/ Green vase

  • Electric ceiling lamp

  • Samovar table lamp

  • Figurative oil paintings

  • Wale wooden box

  • Fabric cube

  • Black wooden table

  • Light blue table lamp

  • light fabric chair

  • Purple fabric chair

  • light table

  • coffee table

  • outdoor antique fire place

  • bar chair

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